Pleasant living

Our name ‘Behaaglijk Wonen’ translates roughly as cosy, pleasant or comfortable living. Living comfortably gives you satisfaction. It makes you feel good. It makes you proud. Our aim is to make your life comfortable. The way we do this is absolutely new to the Netherlands.

From bathroom to resin floor

Jan Vink of Behaaglijk Wonen started out as an interior consultant. He concentrated mainly on designing bathrooms. ‘But I also wanted something other than just tiles for a change.’ Because those joints and seams don’t get any better after a while. A resin floor is a popular alternative. Its modern character, seamless finish and sleek look appeals. Of course! Until the floor starts wearing, discolours or becomes scratched.

Italy in the Netherlands

Could it be done differently? Jan came across a video on Facebook. An Italian supplier was showing his decorative walls. And that appealed to Jan. Especially when he heard that the subsidiary had created cast floors from a very tough material. This super-strong lava stone makes floors scratch-resistant, waterproof and UV resistant. Jan certainly wanted to know more. He likes short lines of communication, so he headed to Italy himself.

He returned bursting with enthusiasm. Maintenance-free floors without joints, with an exclusive look. Something the Netherlands didn’t yet have! Jan changed all that. Italian floors have now been laid in many Dutch homes.

Honest, open and direct

Are you choosing a resin floor from Behaaglijk Wonen? Then you can expect craftsmanship. The team specialises in these Italian resin floors. ‘We have specialists who can apply it. They have followed a course to guarantee quality and quantity.’ You can rely on their expertise. And on their honest, open and direct approach. A family business you can count on!

About us

  • Scratch-resistant

    Felt pads under your chairs? That’s a thing of the past! Our Italian floors are scratch-resistant. We’re the only outlet in the Netherlands offering these floors.

  • Exclusive

    You can choose your own approach with an Italian resin floor. From industrial to classic style. With a concrete look or bright white. You can compose it yourself. Truly an exclusive product!

  • Craftsmanship

    Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company. There’s craftsmanship, expertise and passion in every floor. That’s what we stand for. The result? A home to match your dreams.