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 A scratch-resistant resin floor for the home of your dreams

We are the one and only supplier of lava stone resin floors. This new generation resin floors is scratch-resistant, waterproof and UV-resistant. Enjoy the ultimate in pleasant living!

Scratch-resistant floors from Italy

Our scratch-resistant resin floors come from Italy and they are as rugged as they are beautiful. Once installed, they’re there to stay. As for wear or scratches, our Italian resin floors can take a pounding. What’s more, our floors are also waterproof and UV-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about fading.

Gietvloer woonkamer - Manon Tilstra

Trust your feelings

If you’re looking for a scratch-resistant floor, view our selection of Italian resin floors, each with its own character, design and colour. All of our floors are scratch-resistant, created from tough materials and installed by professionals. Discover which of our exclusive styles would suit your home!

About us

Our name ‘Behaaglijk Wonen’ translates roughly as pleasantly comfortable living. Living comfortably feels satisfying; it makes you feel at ease, and it makes you feel proud. Our aim is to make your life comfortable and the way we go about it is a first in the Netherlands.

  • Scratch-resistant

    If you’ve had enough of having to place felt pads under your chair legs, then we have the answer! We're the exclusive reseller of these Italian scratch-resistant floors in the Netherlands.

  • Exclusive

    An Italian resin floor puts you in control of your choice of style, whether you prefer industrial or classic or anything in between. You can go for a concrete look or bright white. You can even create your own design for a truly exclusive product!

  • Craftsmanship

    Craftsmanship is at the forefront of our company. There’s craftsmanship, expertise and passion in every floor. It’s what we stand for, and the result is a home to match your dreams.